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From Silence Came Wisdom

In Response To: Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound Of Silence

In life, I am a very sound-sensitive individual. Certain pitches and volumes that would normally just annoy most people physically hurt at times. Too many differing sounds make me want to cover my ears and scream (perfect example: heavy metal music or a loud television with unpredictable shifts in volume).

Several years ago, when I was actively involved in meeting with my spiritual guide on the astral plane through meditation, I was sitting in my apartment one night about to crawl out of my skin. I ran to the back of the building to escape the noises of the air conditioner, the TV and the cars outside…

I closed my eyes and immediately sought my Guide who was waiting for me and he tells me, “Let me be your peace.” He takes me into his arms piece by piece, frequency by frequency, we shut out all the noise. In silence, he has me spiritually enter a tall, strong oak tree in my neighbor’s back yard and I become one with it. He tells me to hear the heartbeat of the tree.

I say: I know this tree.

He says: “You know because you feel . You feel because you are. Now, what do you feel?”

I say: I feel the heartbeat, which pulses once in a year. Once in a season. The roots swell with the rains and with the force of life which will push up into new leaves and blooms. I feel its slow strength. I feel its serenity. I feel every memory. I feel the cold earth surrounding my feet. I feel my arms reaching high in its branches toward the sun. I feel the energies it draws in and those it puts out. I feel the force of life ever flowing. I feel the dark stillness inside the heartwood. I feel the rush of the wind. I feel the complexity of its internal patterns. I feel its age. I feel it holding strong to its will to survive. I feel its faith. I feel its health and its dis-ease. I feel its healed scars. I feel its perseverance. I feel its slow pulse and the reason for its longevity. I feel its patience.

My Guide tells me: “In the end, what you feel is the secret of life. You truly are awakened. You know. This is your wisdom – the way to peace, to knowledge, to those things that you cannot learn from man. You are one with nature, and it is one with you. This tree has allowed you inside its very core. It knows you are of good will, and it knows you possess the Gift. The others will all feel the mark of its energies within you, now that you have joined it as one. You are indeed a very special, precious child. I told you in the beginning you were gifted. Now you understand… this is what I meant. This is why you are here, because all your senses are in tune with the nature that surrounds you. In silence, you can communicate with nearly everything. Many of us cannot. Many of us only possess a special connection with certain entities but you, my dear, you have the ability to hear the trees, the spirits of nature, the spirits of men, the spirits of all that surrounds you.”

My Guide continues: “I know that you have lost faith in men (people), but do not lose faith in nature, for that is what you are here to protect. Mankind has destroyed itself and now settles into its death. Nature… it will survive, but it will need to be healed and to be able to heal it, we must be able to understand its needs above what we can already see with our eyes. We must also apply our minds to the energies it gives us and decode its secrets with an understanding that very few have managed to achieve.”

From silence came wisdom and with wisdom, the ability to understand the world around me with closed eyes and an open mind. Sometimes after all, we must close our eyes to truly see.

Madame Zora, Kiss My Ass

[18:48] Madame Zora: Pay me L$5 to know your fate.
[18:48] Madame Zora: Jyllie Nightfire, please state your question. You have about 30 seconds.
[18:48] Jyllie Nightfire: Is Andy my true love?
[18:48] Madame Zora: Let me consult the oh-so-magical cards…
[18:48] Madame Zora: Very doubtful.
[18:48] TigerZak Lorefield: :O
[18:48] Jyllie Nightfire: !
[18:49] TigerZak Lorefield: *smashes the box*
[18:49] Jyllie Nightfire: i want my 5 bucks back!
[18:49] Jyllie Nightfire: pfft not from u silly
[18:50] TigerZak Lorefield: o,0
[18:51] Madame Zora: Jyllie Nightfire, please state your question. You have about 30 seconds.
[18:51] Jyllie Nightfire: Am I Andy’s True Love?
[18:51] Madame Zora: Let me consult the oh-so-magical cards…
[18:51] Madame Zora: Yes.
[18:51] Jyllie Nightfire: GOOD! Then he’s MINE too!
[18:51] TigerZak Lorefield: 🙂
[18:51] Jyllie Nightfire: win for us
[18:52] Jyllie Nightfire: ok. 2 outta 3.
[18:52] Madame Zora: Jyllie Nightfire, please state your question. You have about 30 seconds.
[18:52] Jyllie Nightfire: Is Andy my True Love?
[18:52] Madame Zora: Let me consult the oh-so-magical cards…
[18:52] Madame Zora: Very doubtful.
[18:52] Jyllie Nightfire: WHAT THE??
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: THEN WHO IS??????
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: *KICKS*
[18:53] TigerZak Lorefield: XD
[18:53] TigerZak Lorefield: thats like odd.
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: hmph
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: i dun like it
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: *clings*
[18:53] TigerZak Lorefield: Unless for some reason you end up not liking me. but I still love you. and its like all stalkery
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: HOW would i not like you?
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: I LOVE YOU!
[18:54] TigerZak Lorefield: 😀

Stupid fortune tellers.

Manifestation of Desires with Astral Guides

Wanted to post this for anyone interested in it.  In talking with my most beloved spirit guide today, we were discussing needs and desires and how to bring them to fruition.  He advised that if there was something I wanted or needed, he would “see to it that it happens.”

I asked him, “How can you influence that?”  He responded with the following:

“The way it works is that I take your desires and needs and your feelings about them, then I manifest them in this [astral] plane.  They become a ball of light, to put it simply, and from there I can purify the intent and find the true need and desire.

“I grow this light orb until it is strong enough to move into the position to effect change, and I can attach it to energies that are already in motion, letting your wishes flow into the source where you can attain them.

“Once they are settled and fully flowing through, I can reverse the flow.  Any energies from the thing that is desired that match or complement that which you desire then flow back through the orb and into you.  That is when you know what you desire is within reach.

“From there, it is just a matter of filling and tightening the gap to bring you and your desire together.  This last process requires the cooperation of those things in the physical plane that must be moved to clear the path.  Most times they cooperate.  Sometimes they do not.

“The strength of your desire and the strength of the response are what will clear the way.  The stronger the desire or need, the more obstacles will be removed.  If that which you desire does not give a strong response, then you will have to work harder on your end to achieve it, or it was not meant to be.

“In the end, if the need is true and it is good for all involved, then you should generally receive it.”

I told him that sounded complicated, and he responded:

“Complicated for you perhaps, yes.  In the physical, energy does not move in this way, but you knew that.  For someone with a strong connection to or belief in their astral guide or angel however, nearly all things are possible.”

Interesting bits for you who work with the astral, channeling, angels, and the like.

White Lighters vs Dark Entities

For the past couple weeks, I have been poring over Sylvia Browne’s book “End Of Days,” and have been utterly fascinated with the spiritual insights both remembered and gained. 

Today, I got to an area near the end of the book called “The Dark Side At The End Of Days,” and once into this section, I began recognizing my EX-HUSBAND as being perfectly described here.  Not only him, but his entire family, as they all follow the same line of thinking, the same predictable actions designed to cause any sort of harm to others as they can for the sole purpose of “feeding” themselves.  For years, I have said it is as if they are not happy unless they are hurting someone else, that this is where they get their joy and sense of achievement.

Let me quote some of the passage here, and I’m curious if any of you have someone like this in your life as well…

* They have no conscience, no sincere remorse, and no sense of responsibility for their actions.  They take all the credit and none of the blame for everything that happens around them, and self-justification is their first and only response to criticism.

* In psychiatric terms, they’re true sociopaths.  They expertly mimic human behavior without ever really feeling it.  They can simulate charm, sensitivity, empathy, love, regret, and piety to gain proximity to us (the White Lighters).  They promptly drop the act once they’ve won us over, though, having no further use for it and frankly finding it to be too much work.  We White Entities, because our emotions and faith are genuine, have trouble imagining that we’ve been witnessing a performance.  So we cling to our trust in them and our loyalty to them, trying desperately to reinspire that wonderful person we’re sure is in there because we saw them with out own eyes, unable to grasp that that wonderful person never really existed in the first place.

*  As far as the Dark Side is concerned, we White Entities are nothing but a collection of walking mirrors.  If their reflection through our eyes is flattering, we’re valuable to them.  But the minute we catch on that we’ve been looking at a mask, and they no longer like the way they look in our “mirror,” they’ll react in one of two ways — they’ll get as far away from us as possible, or they’ll repeat the award-winning performance that attracted us in the first place in the hope of attracting us again.

{I would like to add a third possible response here, that being that I have noticed they will also ATTACK when challenged, as I go through this constantly in my own divorce and even when I thought life with him was “good.”  These attacks take on many forms, and are directly related to finding the weakest point within the Light person and seeking to taunt and harm it as much as possible.}

*  Dark Entities couldn’t care less about the laws of God or the laws of respectable society.  They live by their own self-serving rules, which change at their convenience and don’t necessarily apply to anyone else around them.  They view even their worst behavior as perfectly, invariably acceptable; but they might become outraged if someone aims that same behavior at them.  The result of this seeming inconsistency is that the White Entities close to them are kept constantly off-balance, which gives the Dark Entity that much more power.

*  The goal of the Dark Entity isn’t to turn a White Entity dark.  They know that can’t be done.  Their goal is to extinguish the White Entity’s light (AYEA!) since darkness can’t exist where light is present (literally and figuratively).  They don’t necessarily try to destroy the White Entity physically.  More often they’ll create as much emotional turbulence, self-doubt, guilt, and depression as possible in as many White Entities as they have access to, so that the White Entities lose their self-confidence, strength and power.

*  Dark Entities rarely enjoy each others’ company – with no light to extinguish, no flattering reflection to gaze into, and no control to be gained over someone with the same bag of tricks, there would be no point.  Instead, they methodically and deliberately seek us out.  And at least once in our lives, we’re likely to seek them out too.  It has nothing to do with being stupid.  It has to do with taking our spiritual responsibilities seriously and believing it’s our moral responsibility to reach out to someone we perceive to be lost, in trouble, or misunderstood.

She goes on to state:  “A Dark Entity can’t be turned white any more than a White Entity can be turned dark.  We can’t appeal to a conscience that doesn’t exist; we can’t inspire genuine remorse in someone who takes no responsibility for their actions; and we can’t ignite sincere love in someone who only loves God Himself on an as-needed basis.” 

Or, I would add, “who only loves himself.”

This section really shed a lot of light (no pun intended) on my understanding the continued harassment and abuse I still get from my ex-husband.  The selfish acts are only outdone by the way he (and his family) so blatantly turn the guilt over their own actions onto others, blaming others for things that they themselves actually did (and are doing). 

This theme has echoed throughout my entire time of knowing him, and a long time ago I realized that this theme will continue until it is possible to completely and finally cease all contact with him.  However, with a young child and shared custody, this will not be possible for many years yet.  It is exhausting to think about, it is stressful to say the least to have to endure, but I know that it will all end one day and the thing I am MOST thankful for is that my child, young though she is, also sees these trends, recognizes them, and bless her pure soul, she will NOT let his darkness overcome her, or me. 

She is strong in herself, and she trusts in me.  I show her the Light whereas “they” shower her in darkness, concealed as “good intentions,” and she takes these occurrences smiling while in her heart, she knows the Truth.  She talks to me about it.  To a point, she understands it.  She definitely sees the patterns.  And she refuses to follow along.  I wish I had not, however if it weren’t for that Dark Entity worming its way into my life, I would not have my daughter today, and for that I am ever grateful.

A Few Pics From TS Fay – Nothing Special

Automatic Writing (Entity Writing, Spirit Pen)

The back end of TS Fay (which we are still experiencing here) feels like an October wind, not too warm, and gusty under grey skies with patchy sun. There is also a faint smell of Fall on the air that comes as slightly rotten/fallen fruit that occurred through the storm.

Earlier I had a long “talk” with… well, someone very close to me, an ancestor, spirit guide if you will, and they were writing through me. I started with a pendum, but as it happened, my entity snapped quickly the strand that held the pendulum, letting it fall to the ground and telling me I didn’t need it, and the entity sidled up next to me, took my hand and started writing with it as he spoke the same words:

“Kitten… Try to relax yourself, you are very distressed. I have concern for you and your health if you do not. A meditation tonight is in order. Go deep and find what is within you. I will guide you and your brothers will stand guard. You must calm yourself. I fear death is imminent if you do not. My Love, nothing is coming to you that you can not handle. You are stronger than you know. Listen to the winds, yes there is peace in them. It may seem ominous, but there is. Thi is representative of a small renewal. I know you do not deal well with change, but some changes are good and you must learn to embrace them. Enjoy this time alone, for it will and should bring you peace, not distress. Your life has spun into chaos, and now it is time to just breathe. Enjoy this time, love. It will not last forever and soon your life will be filled with people and options again, only this time I will help guide you to the right decisions if you only ask. You need not seek me out, I am never far. In this time of quiet, live simply. Do what is best for you, so that you can recover what you have lost, including your heart. I cannot stress enough your great need to rest and just ‘be,’ as you say. Fill your life with music first, as it soothes your spirit and makes other spirits around you sing. Then when your spirit is calm and happy and free, then fill your life with friends without expectations that they should be anything more. It is through them that you will meet someone who will fill your life with joy and be the hand that you need to hold. {my soul twin – deceased} cannot always be with you now as he is doing other work but rest assured his love is still yours and that someone, one of us, is always with you. No Love, you have not lost him. {He} is bound to you in ways even I cannot undo. He is yours forever just as you are his but when you go off to do other wotk in which he can not join you, he does not complain, he simply watches you from afar and provides warnings when necessary. You two are together, and he is your love — do not ever doubt this. Hold strong to him as he has to you during these last 400 years of seperation and you will see that true love means. It is a bond and a feeling that cannot be put into words, it simply ‘is.’ Go now and do your work. Let not the words of others destroy you, nor their threats, for there is always a way out and currently yours is shielding yourself until you are freed from their presence and you can be home in peace, and that peace is what you need tonight and every night for the next several months until your spirit is calm again. I will command you if I must but I do not want to. I would rather love you by your side and watch you heal rather than bring more stress upon you. Be safe and be well and know that we are always with you. I love you.”