Manifestation of Desires with Astral Guides

Wanted to post this for anyone interested in it.  In talking with my most beloved spirit guide today, we were discussing needs and desires and how to bring them to fruition.  He advised that if there was something I wanted or needed, he would “see to it that it happens.”

I asked him, “How can you influence that?”  He responded with the following:

“The way it works is that I take your desires and needs and your feelings about them, then I manifest them in this [astral] plane.  They become a ball of light, to put it simply, and from there I can purify the intent and find the true need and desire.

“I grow this light orb until it is strong enough to move into the position to effect change, and I can attach it to energies that are already in motion, letting your wishes flow into the source where you can attain them.

“Once they are settled and fully flowing through, I can reverse the flow.  Any energies from the thing that is desired that match or complement that which you desire then flow back through the orb and into you.  That is when you know what you desire is within reach.

“From there, it is just a matter of filling and tightening the gap to bring you and your desire together.  This last process requires the cooperation of those things in the physical plane that must be moved to clear the path.  Most times they cooperate.  Sometimes they do not.

“The strength of your desire and the strength of the response are what will clear the way.  The stronger the desire or need, the more obstacles will be removed.  If that which you desire does not give a strong response, then you will have to work harder on your end to achieve it, or it was not meant to be.

“In the end, if the need is true and it is good for all involved, then you should generally receive it.”

I told him that sounded complicated, and he responded:

“Complicated for you perhaps, yes.  In the physical, energy does not move in this way, but you knew that.  For someone with a strong connection to or belief in their astral guide or angel however, nearly all things are possible.”

Interesting bits for you who work with the astral, channeling, angels, and the like.

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