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Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m In Love

In response to: Daily Prompt – It’s Friday, I’m In Love

In actuality, it’s every day that I’m in love!  It isn’t something that’s easy or convenient, but it’s there, and it just won’t leave my heart alone – the feeling that I get thinking of my Hunny Bear, knowing that for the past four years, he has taken every tear, every stress, every hurt and turned them around into smiles, comfort and healing. Even though we are 1,000 miles apart, he holds my heart, touches my soul, brings warmth and meaning to my life.  Distance has not been easy at all, but Second Life and Skype bring us closer.  With these, we can cuddle, dance, run amok, explore, learn and so much else.  We grow closer with every face to face talk, with every piece of writing on which we collaborate, and with every moment of our lives that we share with each other, whether good, bad or mundane.  It’s those mundane moments that mean the most to me. Those are the real intimacies, the ones that leave us emotionally satisfied that we have someone with whom we can have any conversation, share anything without judgment.  He knows things about me most people don’t, and likewise I know things about him that just don’t get shared.  We have that trust that solidifies our relationship.  I’m certain we will be in each other’s arms one day.  In the meantime, I can rest at night with a satisfied heart that not only do I love, but I am loved, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day ❤

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March 9 – 10


Found out via Myspace again what happened with Clarence. His latest status update from Friday states, “my sister had me arrested over BS. This has been the worst week of my life.”. Ever since his mother passed (which I also had to find about through Myspace ), he’s completely withdrawn from me. We used to be friends, we used to hang out, even if it was just stargazing or a drive up to the corner store… a couple times over the past year and a half, he’s talked me down from… Dangerous thoughts and feelings. We’ve been there for each other. I guess that era has come to a close now though after his little verbal lashing of me last week followed by completely shutting me out. Time to let Clarence revel in his own misery and chase his own anti-dreams and find someone new to look up to. How do you look up to someone who is so deep in an emotional abyss that you can no longer reach them? I miss you C…


As the air warms, so does the heart. The approaching Spring has Andy only a few weeks from his Degree and from home. The excitement makes time fly while the anticipation makes it crawl. I just want to close my eyes and settle back into his arms and exhale. 8 months we’ve been apart. Far too long. The closer he gets, the more the thoughts of marriage invade my day. He’s the one I just could not say no to. Every other proposal in the past was either a “yeah right” or a “WTF am I doing?” There was never a hesitation when Andy asked me on New Years Eve. We’d already talked about it, and it only ever felt positive. He’s earned my trust and my heart. I’m excited over looking into his eyes when he says “I do,” over changing my name, over going to apply for the license together, over organizing our lives to include each other in every aspect… but especially over being in a marriage where I have no doubts my partner really loves me unconditionally and wants to be in it with me through thick and thin. I look forward to family, stability and oneness, to completing my home and my life the way it should be, the way it needs to be without all the abuse and neglect and he’ll I’ve been put through by everyone else I’ve been with. It’s been a long, hard road, but I think I’ve finally found him, and home.

So yeah, random flashback… I’m doing a crossword puzzle earlier and the clue is “foam or froth at sea.”. (sorry, my iPod inserts that extra period outside the quotation and I’ve no idea how to make it stop doing that.) Anyhow, it just reminded me of a 3rd grade field trip where my BFF Tanya and I were playing in the water at Fort Lauderdale Beach. Each time the waves would break around us, she would say to the ocean, “thank you for showing us your sizzles!” Hehe, we’re talking 1979 here. Odd memory to have.

Happy March! (I hope!)

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb… Well in East Central FL, it came in more like a polar bear. Waking temps on the first day of March here were in the mid-30’s, totally uncharacteristic for this area this time of year.

Andy and I are doing great. Word just came up that he also believes in ghosts and the astral whatnots so that is just another thing to bring us closer. We have every night been working on projections together and they have come with great success. We’re able to go out seperately and meet together confirming the same experiences, as well as going out together, feeling each others touches and emotions. It’s beautiful, it’s strong and it let’s us never be apart.

One certain person who likes to think she has caused me to be blocked from doing this has failed. I won’t laugh though, all I can really feel for her is pity that she spends her energy trying to cast others down and cause them pain. The Universe will not let the balance be upset. Those whose work and intent is for the greater good will continue on in their practices, and it will continue to ire the ones whose intent is for the darker things. I for one am too solidly established in my beliefs and practices to allow one spiteful little girl control of my life. It just won’t happen. It simply isn’t possible. Sadly, I don’t think she or others will ever realize this because they are too blinded by their own quest for power. What they also fail to understand is the power they seek is far too large for them to be able to manipulate, let alone control. It exists as a Universal energy and is there to keep balance. No one person, no army has the ability to control this. The few who have learned to grasp some of it have fallen under it and been consumed. Better off just being good to people and toward the world. At least that’s the way I live. It comes more natural that way. Evil takes too much energy. Good energy just comes 🙂

We’re fully into our fire season now and as I stand on the balcony looking west, a huge wall of smoke can be seen rising over the tree line. It’s many miles out, but it’s starting to haze up over this way and looks to be a pretty broad burn. I sent a couple pics of the smoke line to my Facebook, but my phone doesn’t accept Twitter. I have to do that when I get home. Still not sure if it was a prescribed burn or a quick up thru the brush but we are under a long list of fire warnings currently. Doesn’t take much to spark one, that’s for sure!

Madame Zora, Kiss My Ass

[18:48] Madame Zora: Pay me L$5 to know your fate.
[18:48] Madame Zora: Jyllie Nightfire, please state your question. You have about 30 seconds.
[18:48] Jyllie Nightfire: Is Andy my true love?
[18:48] Madame Zora: Let me consult the oh-so-magical cards…
[18:48] Madame Zora: Very doubtful.
[18:48] TigerZak Lorefield: :O
[18:48] Jyllie Nightfire: !
[18:49] TigerZak Lorefield: *smashes the box*
[18:49] Jyllie Nightfire: i want my 5 bucks back!
[18:49] Jyllie Nightfire: pfft not from u silly
[18:50] TigerZak Lorefield: o,0
[18:51] Madame Zora: Jyllie Nightfire, please state your question. You have about 30 seconds.
[18:51] Jyllie Nightfire: Am I Andy’s True Love?
[18:51] Madame Zora: Let me consult the oh-so-magical cards…
[18:51] Madame Zora: Yes.
[18:51] Jyllie Nightfire: GOOD! Then he’s MINE too!
[18:51] TigerZak Lorefield: 🙂
[18:51] Jyllie Nightfire: win for us
[18:52] Jyllie Nightfire: ok. 2 outta 3.
[18:52] Madame Zora: Jyllie Nightfire, please state your question. You have about 30 seconds.
[18:52] Jyllie Nightfire: Is Andy my True Love?
[18:52] Madame Zora: Let me consult the oh-so-magical cards…
[18:52] Madame Zora: Very doubtful.
[18:52] Jyllie Nightfire: WHAT THE??
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: THEN WHO IS??????
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: *KICKS*
[18:53] TigerZak Lorefield: XD
[18:53] TigerZak Lorefield: thats like odd.
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: hmph
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: i dun like it
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: *clings*
[18:53] TigerZak Lorefield: Unless for some reason you end up not liking me. but I still love you. and its like all stalkery
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: HOW would i not like you?
[18:53] Jyllie Nightfire: I LOVE YOU!
[18:54] TigerZak Lorefield: 😀

Stupid fortune tellers.

Recycled Pixels?

So I’m sitting in my treehouse in Second Life, and a notice drops down from one of the groups I’m in…

Eco-Friendly Victorian Loveseat Only L$10!
Thursday, 21 Jan 2010 23:40:15 GMT

Feel like a queen with the ‘Regal’ Victorian Loveseat with its traditionally elegant design and blended organic cotton fabrics and lovely polished recycled wood. Only L$10!

… are you kidding me? Alright… everything about SL is pretty eco-friendly, until the graphics fry your laptop and it ends up as a seagull landing pad in some landfill somewhere. I’m still trying to get my head round the use of “organic” and “recycled” though… are these pixels growing up in some fancily manicured free-range pasture, completely free of Dr McAfee’s electronic anti-viral injections? Are poor pixel trees being axed by the thousands and shipped off to virtual pixel-lumber mills where the wasted bits (and bytes) are scavenged to create this loverly toon sofa?

Alright, just to humour the creators, I went to see the free-range rescued pixels in place. *coughs*

It was the only piece of furniture rezzed in the small storefront. The ad was more colourful than the piece itself. I’m sorry but… not even for 10 Lindens. I play a lot of Zyngo to earn my Lindens! What’s creepier – the woman sitting on it (who is not I), actually matched the shades of it. It was just a visual WTF?

Alright, done raging for now. Next time, don’t use pretty words to drag me out of my treehouse in nothing but a teddy! (Glad you all enjoyed the show.)