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Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m In Love

In response to: Daily Prompt – It’s Friday, I’m In Love

In actuality, it’s every day that I’m in love!  It isn’t something that’s easy or convenient, but it’s there, and it just won’t leave my heart alone – the feeling that I get thinking of my Hunny Bear, knowing that for the past four years, he has taken every tear, every stress, every hurt and turned them around into smiles, comfort and healing. Even though we are 1,000 miles apart, he holds my heart, touches my soul, brings warmth and meaning to my life.  Distance has not been easy at all, but Second Life and Skype bring us closer.  With these, we can cuddle, dance, run amok, explore, learn and so much else.  We grow closer with every face to face talk, with every piece of writing on which we collaborate, and with every moment of our lives that we share with each other, whether good, bad or mundane.  It’s those mundane moments that mean the most to me. Those are the real intimacies, the ones that leave us emotionally satisfied that we have someone with whom we can have any conversation, share anything without judgment.  He knows things about me most people don’t, and likewise I know things about him that just don’t get shared.  We have that trust that solidifies our relationship.  I’m certain we will be in each other’s arms one day.  In the meantime, I can rest at night with a satisfied heart that not only do I love, but I am loved, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day ❤

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My Honey Loves Me

My sweetheart really does know how to make my day…

William and Heather Valentines Day 2014

Before Will, I’d never really had a Valentine.  But for the past few years, he has just kept outdoing himself on Valentine’s Day, this year with a dozen roses, orchids, so many other flowers in there… the photo doesn’t do them justice, they are… WOW… and the bear… He *is* my Hunny Bear! And the card and the chocolate… I am feeling very spoiled! And loved ❤


Happy Thanksgiving!

What a beautiful morning! Even though I had the chance to sleep in today, my internal clock still roused me at exactly 6 a.m. on this frigid Thanksgiving morning. With my phone dead, I couldn’t immediately see what the temperature was outside but even though it was a snuggly 70 degrees in our bedroom, my bones still felt that cold air nipping at the windows and trying to seep through wherever it could. Getting myself into a couple layers (and mind you I’ve lived in Florida my entire life, layering is not something that comes natural to me), I crept outside so as not to wake anyone else for whom getting up before dawn on a holiday may seem… foreign.  WOW the air went right through me. Right over my bare feet (told you, I’m a Floridian) and up my too-big jeans (one who’s lost a lot of weight).  No problem seeing my breath! I slipped into my car to plug my phone in and when it came up, Weatherbug displayed 35F with a “Feels Like” temp of 31F!  

This arctic blast was unexpected even to the weather sources apparently as the last I checked, the low was only supposed to be in the low 50s. Nevertheless, I do love a nice brisk morning, and this morning is being met much like any other with a hot cup of tea on the porch watching the sun come up – regardless of my shivering as though shoes finally did make it onto my feet, I kinda forgot socks.

Oh – and if you need a place to watch the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade live online – click here!

So what am I thankful for?  These apply to every day, not only today.  In no particular order…

I’m thankful that my best friend was able to hold some of my belongings for a couple months until I could return to retrieve them – those belongings included my leather jacket – the ONLY warm thing I own – which I was able to get just in time for the cold weather.  I’m also thankful that he was able to help me in obtaining my asthma medications.  Having just gotten out of the hospital with pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung, I ended up also picking up a common cold virus which has got my sinuses, throat and chest a whole new mess, causing even more breathing problems!  

I’m thankful that for the first time in a decade, I am finally able to spend Thanksgiving with family (even if it isn’t my family).  I’m thankful that Tim is back in my life and that I have been welcomed into his family and am a part of it.  I’m thankful for all the children – mine and my future steps – who make the holidays what they are, a time for togetherness and tradition with a little magic and mayhem stirred into the mix.  Even though my daughter can’t be with us today specifically, she will be with us the next few days and who says Thanksgiving only has to last one day?  It’s a 4-day weekend!  I would happily re-write the common calendar just for her 🙂

I’m thankful for my father who has been an immense support to me on every level through this year of financial and emotional isolation and hardship.  My dad is the one person I can go to with anything without fear of being judged or preached at. He simply cares and he is my rock. I love you dad ❤

I’m thankful worlds over for my love Tim who, despite our rough past, remained firm in his love for me and provided me with everything that was missing from my life. From the basic to the paramount, he has done whatever it took to make sure I was taken care of, even when it became a struggle for all involved while always drilling into my head that it WILL get better. Now, we are on our way to things getting much better and really coming together. He’s given me food and shelter, he’s given me faith, family and most of all love. ALL of these things had been missing this year, some for much longer. Sometimes I don’t know how to show him how much he means to me and the words themselves often escape me, but I try. I’d be content to spend the rest of my life showing him how much he means.

I’m thankful that I have a home to come home to; that a severe health issue was able to be treated; for good nurses at the hospital who made me comfortable and less panicked when for days on end I was struggling to breathe and not responding to medications; for having even a small income even though it still isn’t enough to live on, at least it’s work; for my daughter having a full understanding of my life’s situation and being patient through some very difficult transitions that needed to be made to get me back on my feet so that I could properly care for both myself AND her.

There are many more things that I’m thankful for, but these are the ones that stand out most for me today.  On that note, it is time for me to start preparing my cold dishes for this afternoon. Pie prep was negated this year after Tim was gung-ho over making lemon meringue pie from scratch, then got suddenly “lazy” (his term, not mine) upon giving in to the temptation of a ready to eat key lime pie (which of course required the purchase of a pumpkin pie to go with it). That’s alright, dressing up the turkey is all on him and I’m just thankful (!) that this year – also the first in MANY – I don’t have to get my Thanksgiving dinner from a church or charity. It’s a blessing to actually have food in the house and there have been far too many times over the years, especially this last year, that there simply has not been any. 

I hope all of you reading this have a very happy Thanksgiving with those you love. 

Score :p

Scored me a good one that is :p OK, so I sound like a high schooler – don’t care. Spent another amazing weekend with the Joe and he’s just awesome. *WE* make a great team! The love, the laughs, the affection, the playfulness, (ok the sex is great too), the talks and sharing, I mean it’s all there. I’m happy, Kari’s happy, it’s so good to have something like this come together and really happen. He dropped the L word on me Wednesday night, in my half-sleep, softly in my ear, and I swear I felt my soul spring to life. He opens doors for me, lights my cigarettes, does all the little things that other guys don’t even think about. He keeps every plan we make. He tells me I’m amazing, and how, and shows his love and appreciation. He says it, he *shows* it, I am loving this.

From The Worst Year Comes The Best Christmas…

My Daddycat is Home!!!!!

Is Luvs

Is Luvs

Dylan finally arrived in my arms on December 29th at 2 a.m. after 2 days on a bus with countless delays and OMG. Christmas may have been a few days late this year but Kari and I couldn’t have gotten a better gift than that big family hug after he hurried over weighed down with luggage, smile and eyes lit up like they were.

Angels n Daemons LOL

Angels n Daemons LOL

Well we have been running nonstop with Kari which is the main reason I haven’t been online in a week. We’ve also been catching up and spending every waking moment together until work and school starts back on the 5th. He brought with him a beautiful lapis and silver ring that was made for the occasion, and we finalized and sealed our custom-written handfasting on the 1st, under the stars with our guardians watching over us as faces in the clouds – and the wind didn’t even blow out the candle until we released the guardians. (I know I just lost like 80% of the people reading this like “the who? wha?”) So we start the New Year with a bind, a deep-rooted promise, the protection of our Guardians, and the Universe being witness to our love and intent.

Also yesterday since my mom has no computer, we printed off about 5 dozen pictures to mail down to her. She’s a bit in disbelief herself. Can’t blame her, I was too. Not only at him making it back down, but as she put it, “I thought you were never getting married again?” Yeah well… The handfasting came in October… the final binds came last night… the legalities come soon enough. We need to wait a bit on that because he may need to return to NJ to do one more semester on his degree — I hope to god not, I will DIE if I have to be away from him any more. Honestly, it will not be pretty. Me + alone = BAD. I will lose it. But — hopefully things will work out and it can be finished here. I don’t want to think about it… no more time apart… can’t take it.

For some reason Beyonce is *still* running through my head… song… stuck… can’t… get… it… out… “If ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it… If ya like it then ya shoulda put a ring on it…” OK I’m good now. Musical tourettes.

Ah, I hear shifting in the back… at least one of my sleepy kitties must finally be up >^..^<

Blissful Kitties

Blissful Kitties

Daddycat n Babycat

Daddycat n Babycat

Dylan and I

Dylan and I

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Simply, The Meaning Of Love

i wish i could shake the stars from the sky and let them fall to your feet as diamonds that would pave your way so that you would never have to walk through a troubled path again 1:55 PM


there’s lots of stars out there – surely enough for both of us? 1:56 PM


Once again, he renders me speechless.