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Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m In Love

In response to: Daily Prompt – It’s Friday, I’m In Love

In actuality, it’s every day that I’m in love!  It isn’t something that’s easy or convenient, but it’s there, and it just won’t leave my heart alone – the feeling that I get thinking of my Hunny Bear, knowing that for the past four years, he has taken every tear, every stress, every hurt and turned them around into smiles, comfort and healing. Even though we are 1,000 miles apart, he holds my heart, touches my soul, brings warmth and meaning to my life.  Distance has not been easy at all, but Second Life and Skype bring us closer.  With these, we can cuddle, dance, run amok, explore, learn and so much else.  We grow closer with every face to face talk, with every piece of writing on which we collaborate, and with every moment of our lives that we share with each other, whether good, bad or mundane.  It’s those mundane moments that mean the most to me. Those are the real intimacies, the ones that leave us emotionally satisfied that we have someone with whom we can have any conversation, share anything without judgment.  He knows things about me most people don’t, and likewise I know things about him that just don’t get shared.  We have that trust that solidifies our relationship.  I’m certain we will be in each other’s arms one day.  In the meantime, I can rest at night with a satisfied heart that not only do I love, but I am loved, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day ❤

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Recycled Pixels?

So I’m sitting in my treehouse in Second Life, and a notice drops down from one of the groups I’m in…

Eco-Friendly Victorian Loveseat Only L$10!
Thursday, 21 Jan 2010 23:40:15 GMT

Feel like a queen with the ‘Regal’ Victorian Loveseat with its traditionally elegant design and blended organic cotton fabrics and lovely polished recycled wood. Only L$10!

… are you kidding me? Alright… everything about SL is pretty eco-friendly, until the graphics fry your laptop and it ends up as a seagull landing pad in some landfill somewhere. I’m still trying to get my head round the use of “organic” and “recycled” though… are these pixels growing up in some fancily manicured free-range pasture, completely free of Dr McAfee’s electronic anti-viral injections? Are poor pixel trees being axed by the thousands and shipped off to virtual pixel-lumber mills where the wasted bits (and bytes) are scavenged to create this loverly toon sofa?

Alright, just to humour the creators, I went to see the free-range rescued pixels in place. *coughs*

It was the only piece of furniture rezzed in the small storefront. The ad was more colourful than the piece itself. I’m sorry but… not even for 10 Lindens. I play a lot of Zyngo to earn my Lindens! What’s creepier – the woman sitting on it (who is not I), actually matched the shades of it. It was just a visual WTF?

Alright, done raging for now. Next time, don’t use pretty words to drag me out of my treehouse in nothing but a teddy! (Glad you all enjoyed the show.)

I just thought it was funny…

[19:25] Jyllie Nightfire: i’m already here lol
[19:25] Mondak Slade: lol
[19:25] Jyllie Nightfire: oh mond! your items got returned by accident, i wasn’t kicking them back to you
[19:26] Mondak Slade: no worry, it was a ball i was experimenting with
[19:26] Jyllie Nightfire: oh i meant the sidewalk stuff but hey! Yay for fun with physics!
[19:27] Mondak Slade: yup physics at 500+ meters 🙂
[19:27] Jyllie Nightfire: starting to sound like argos hehe
[19:27] Mondak Slade: lol
[19:27] Argos Hawks: i just logged in to some wierd comments about physics. did i leave something running?
[19:27] Jyllie Nightfire: lmfao see he has a guilty conscience lol!
[19:28] Mondak Slade: no, Jyllie retuned my missing balls
[19:28] Argos Hawks: yikes
[19:28] Mondak Slade: lol
[19:28] Jyllie Nightfire: good thing he didn’t log in to THAT line….
[19:28] Mondak Slade: lmao
[19:31] Mondak Slade: here’s your chance to dunk me into the dunk tank Jyllie 🙂
[19:31] Jyllie Nightfire: wewt!!
[19:31] Jyllie Nightfire: can’t wait to experience that wet biker smell!
[19:31] Jyllie Nightfire: *ducks&
[19:31] Jyllie Nightfire: covers*
[19:31] Mondak Slade: lmao

Dead Kittehs In SL!!!!!!

I think my pet doesn’t like me anymore :((

(Jyllie is me, Gats is my pet I just took the rest of his name out… Eddie is the almost-most-important-person-in-my-whole-real-life)

[19:08]  Gats: I just hate that song XD
[19:09]  Jyllie Nightfire: my brother sings it to me all the time! 😦 *sniff*
[19:09]  Gats: I still hate it XD
[19:09]  Jyllie Nightfire: i think i don’t like my kitty tonite 😦
[19:09]  Gats sobs
[19:10]  Jyllie Nightfire: noooo sob i sob first :’-((
[19:13]  Jyllie Nightfire sniffs pitifully, tucks tail and walks away….
[19:14]  Gats latches onto her tail and is dragged along.
[19:14]  Jyllie Nightfire: ow….
[19:14]  Jyllie Nightfire is reminded to hold you down and clip those claws….
[19:14]  Gats: >.>
[19:15]  Gats bleeds to death cause she didn’t do it right.
[19:15]  Jyllie Nightfire: nuuuuuuuuu i have a styptic stick just in case!!!!
[19:15]  Gats is already dead 😛
[19:15]  Jyllie Nightfire breathes life into her kitten and remembers she doesn’t like him right now :/
[19:16]  Gats doesn’t think she’s Heshua or God so she can’t do taht 😛
[19:16]  Jyllie Nightfire: CPR man… Catten Pawmonary Resussitation
[19:18]  Gats: Byebye, for the night, babes.
[19:18]  Jyllie Nightfire: *pout*
[19:18]  Jyllie Nightfire: love u?
[19:19]  Gats is Offline
[19:20]  Jyllie Nightfire: i only killed you on accimident!!!!!!
[19:20]  Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[20:42]  Edward: wow – what did you use to trim the claws – a chainsaw?

THAT! WAS SO! WRONG!!!  I hope my pet Gats comes home tomorrow?