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Cellulitis — OMG THE PAIN


Guys, this is what happens when you have a compromised immune system (for me, it is from the asthma meds) and get a little scrape on the skin that you would otherwise ignore.

Back on February 26th, I tripped into a log out back and really slammed hard into the edge of it, but it was more blunt impact that it was a bleeding injury. In fact, there was no blood at all, just a few layers of skin shredded. I whined for a bit, cleaned it out with peroxide and then warm soapy water, put some antibiotic ointment on it and forgot about it. The next night, a red area appeared and was hot and painful. By the next morning, it was too painful to stand and by that night I couldn’t walk. February 28, my fiance carted me to the emergency room in agony — I could not walk or stand, and the majority of my lower leg was red and swollen. To lower my leg (I’d had to keep it up) produced absolutely searing pain. I was immediately put on IV antibiotics and admitted to the hospital with Cellulitis. Over the next few days, the leg got worse. The photo above was taken March 2nd, when my leg and foot were nearly purple. I was given 7 different antibiotics via IV (up to 4 at a time) as well as Darvocet for the pain. It wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to start walking again, but that was only for 20 minutes and I was done – the pain started coming back.

Today, I was finally released from a horrible hospital stay (long, long story — bad hospital) and have been able to walk on my own for about 5 minute spurts before sharp pain sets into my ankle. The cellulitis did reach the joints in my ankle, but thankfully my doctors do not think it had time to reach the bone which would be a much more serious issue involving at least another 2 weeks in the hospital, or home for up to a month with a PICC line in my chest and IV antibiotics administered daily by a home health aide.

I was released with a 10-day prescription of Augmentin and told to follow up in a week. I was told this could take up to two months to heal as much as it can, and that it is very likely to recur.

It can happen to anyone though. If Strep or Staph gets into even the smallest wound, it can set in and breed fast. I cannot stress the importance of cleaning and covering EVERY wound that happens to you, and keeping it treated, consulting a medical professional at the first sign that something is getting worse. Mine started out as a scrape — and this is pain that I’m going to have to live with for quite some time to come.