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Zombie Apocalypse In My Dreams

I had some weird dreams that continued to play out as I woke up throughout the night and kept falling back asleep. Must have been the migraine…

I was somewhere, not sure where, and someone was preparing their house for the end of the world. They had the house set up for 130 people in the basement, and I didn’t believe any of it was going to happen. They had all the provisions though the people would have been crammed wall to wall. This guy seemed like some kind of false prophet, tall and charismatic.

Dream broke to me having to accompany some woman down to a Walgreens several miles away. It was raining and we were on bicycles, she had her two kids with her riding in a basket on the back. I realized I had forgotten my inhaler and wanted to turn back but she wouldn’t let me. I went into a minor panic attack and tried to breathe my way through it. We got to Walgreens and her male friend who appeared out of nowhere directed me to this “doctor” who would give me a new inhaler.

It took me a while to find this “doctor” and it was getting dark out. It ended up being a house, and the “doctor” ended up being some weird hippy kid who just happened to have a stash of generic meds. He acted very cocky and cool like he didn’t have to help me because I was disturbing him (from what I have no idea because he wasn’t doing anything), then finally gave me something that, after reading the label, I realized I could have just gotten over the counter. Then he crawled back into bed and his mom came home.

Since it was getting dark and I didn’t want to walk 3.6 miles (according to my phone’s GPS – at least I remembered to grab my phone!) alone during the impending zombie apocalypse, I sat in his room for a while, then when his mom came home, I rummaged through his stuff, found an inhaler, and headed off back to the safe house. Was dark when I got to the safe house and people and their pets were all filing in under the direction of the home’s owner. There were no other homes around this place, it was just a regular single family home standing along a sidewalk with nothing at all surrounding it. I ended up opting not to go into the safe house and the dream ended there with no end of the world happening.

Leave it to me to forget my inhaler during the zombie apocalypse.

WEIRD ass dream…

Started… my daughter and I were at this breakfast in like a big storefront type place just white walls white floor grey tables… there were a few people there, all women, all older. Then a woman came in with a big bag of something, not sure what, but she started displaying and selling it to all the women there who loved it and flocked to it, but I was uninterested and my daughter was bored, so we waited and chatted and waited some more for something to happen.

Shortly, a woman called me into the offices to the side of the dining area where I was given a number and told to wait. There were men and women waiting in that area, and all looked down (sad, anxious). It felt like a clinic or doctor’s office of sorts.

Then, a man in a city camo fatigues uniform, about 6″ taller than me, handsome as hell with blue eyes and short blond hair, came in and snuck me out through a back door. He rushed me through this long series of hallways in a panic and we kept running through all these back ways, stairwells, underground sparsely lit tunnels, industrial type places, until we came to a plain room where I could hear the buzz of the lights in the ceiling. There were two other men in there dressed like him, and each had another person with him. He went to the other people and gave them something, saying something to them I couldn’t hear. Then, he came back over to me and he had a very concerned look on his face, but at the same time satisfied that he’d succeeded in his mission.

He drew me close and gave me $37.00 (consisting of a $30 bill [?!?!], a five and two ones). It wasn’t American money, it was smaller, and black printed on white. I looked at him curiously and asked, “What’s this for?” He closed my hand around it and said to me, “You’ll need it for your fatal surgery.” What?? He put his arm around my shoulders and ushered me back into the back door of the waiting room from which he took me.

A woman at a desk looked up at me in shock and said, “What are you still doing here? You’re free to go! Go on, go while you can!” and she rushed me out the front door next to the dining hall.

… And then I woke up. ANYONE who wants to give a gander at trying to figure THIS one out, please do! I could not make out the man’s accent, but it wasn’t a heavy one. He *looked* possibly German, Norwegian or Swedish, and was a strongly built military type. But yeh – any cracks at deciphering THIS one are epicly welcome!!!