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It’s Kitten Time Again!

So the night before Halloween this year, I was on the phone with Joe about 0200 and as I’m sitting on the east side of my little abode keeping an eye on Orion and spotting shooting stars, I see a little creature dart just through my peripheral vision. I look down and there’s a little black and white kitten crouched a few feet away. I put my hand down to motion him over and after a moment, he trotted over and literally jumped into my lap. I was chosen! He was thin, and I could feel the flea dirt on him, but overall he looked and acted healthy. I took him in and isolated him from the other pets in the bathroom while I fed and watered him and decided that since he was so friendly and practically chose me without a thought, we’d keep him.

De-flea’d and with a clean bill of health, Topper is soon to be neutered (and I am a firm supporter of spaying and neutering to control unwanted and abandoned pet overpopulation). In this kitten stage (he’s about 6 months old) still, he is an absolute joy to watch explore, pounce and acrobat around the house. Since I’ve all male cats, I expected more of an issue in introducing them but within 24 hours of coming home, he’d found a bond with Spirit (shown above in a photo taken at their first meeting). Spirit has been the one “raising” him, caring for him in all the little ways only another cat could. Midnight is pretty indifferent, then again, he is 16 and is only interested in lying around with me, being peaceful. Hehe, I guess he’s always been that way, kind of like furniture. Furniture that purrs.

By far the most cherished facet of this little kitten’s personality is his clinginess to people. Topper is definitely a lap cat, boldly jumping into laps, curling up with nuzzles then falling right asleep with thunderous purrs. Welcome home, Topper 🙂