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Weathered The Storm…

Despite the massive flooding here in the county, I have managed to weather TS Fay without too much damage.  The duct tape on the smashed-in window just *barely* held up against the winds that pelted us from the ESE to WSW the entire time.  It did not hold against the water however so there was leakage inside.  Thankfully, that is all that leaked.  I was concerned about some missing tiles on the roof as well, but they managed to hold.  Water did blow into the attic vent on the side of the house under the eave, and while a little dripping was heard inside the ceiling, nothing made it through.  I am hoping that will dry out on its own once we start to heat back up again. 

The storm did cause some damage to the siding of the front of the house where it pulled the wood away from the building.  Some pieces of that are going to have to be replaced ASAP and I am going to have to board that window up for good since I cannot afford to have it replaced.  This will be done with borrowed tools and hopefully the helping hand of one of my neighbors.  I will need to find some heavy-duty 4″ screws to go through both the wood paneling and the concrete of the building.  Yikes.  As of this morning, it was not immediately apparent that any other neighbors took any damage, save for a downed mailbox at Dana and Gary’s place.

Flooding remains the primary concern all along the Treasure Coast where we are still being pelted by heavy rains.  Today they are coming with 15-45 minute breaks inbetween the rains which is allowing waters to recede just slightly.  Many homes, especially in older areas such as along Delaware Ave., and in farming areas reported water entering the residences.  A large number of intersections, and in many places in the area entire neighborhoods, are completely impassible and this morning many were blocked off by officers directing traffic out of these areas. 

On my way in to work this morning, I was turned back twice, as Oleander was severely flooded between Edwards and Virginia, and Virginia was severely flooded between US1 and 25th Street.  North 39th Street in Fort Pierce also remains badly flooded north of Angle Road for at least 3 blocks.  This area however has not been blocked off.  Trucks and larger vehicles are able to pass through slowly, but passenger cars are having great difficulty getting through.  Most are turning around. 

With the ground being so saturated, I would advise ALL drivers to not exit the roadway into swales to turn around.  The ground is likely to give way and sink the vehicle a foot or more, as happened to a very good friend of mine the last time it flooded here.  He did not realize he was pulling into a grassy area until it was too late and the majority of the front end of his truck was under mud and water.

I will be going home to check on things again shortly, and I hope to God that tape has held up through today’s storms as I had to come in to work today and could not be there for window-rescue as I was up all night doing.

Here’s hoping anyone reading this either fared well or lives out of the area and did not have to deal with Fay.

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