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June 28, 2011

Well, I can consider today a good day or a bad day. My good outcome from today won’t happen for another week or so anyway.  With about $700 in car repairs recently, needless to say money is a bit tight.  My Internet service with Comcast went over 30 days past due (with me being only 3 days away from being able to pay it), so the bastards cut me off. I called Customer Service and the first lady I spoke with told me they’d be able to release the block to give me that 3 days to pay current, seeing as I have reliably paid my bill with them the past 2 1/2 years, despite their lack of customer support on regular outages. When she transferred me to Billing however, another woman told me I had to pay $75 now to get my service turned back on within 72 hours. Much heated discussion ensued, which ended in my hanging up on her and calling AT&T.

AT&T earned a new customer tonight. Setting up the account was easy, I won’t need to pay anything upfront, and I’m getting the first year of DSL Ultra for $25/month ($48/month after 12 months) for 6 meg download speeds. That’s 3x faster than I was achieving with Comcast at $75/month, and with constant Comcast service drops and shoddy tech support at best!

My new modem won’t arrive til Friday the 8th, but in the meantime I can still access a neighbor’s wireless from my laptop, thanks to its signal booster and from other places around town. Wi-fi is fairly plentiful if I’m willing to go a couple blocks.  None of my other wireless devices can hit the neighborhood one thpu, so I’ve been ending up going out to the movie theater to use theirs.  Still, to save $50 a month for a year – that’s a very good thing. If nothing else, it will definitely cover my summer air conditioning bill and then some!

And now… I will have the ultimate pleasure of being able to call Comcast and do what I’ve wanted to do for the past 2 years – tell them to CANCEL MY SERVICE!!!

Ah well on to scrapbooking to kill my time for a while 🙂 At least until Internet is back in the house!