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Daily Prompt – Money for Nothing?

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Dream jobs… we all want one. For some, that dream job just means sitting back and collecting on a winning Powerball ticket.  The most joy, I think, comes from the satisfaction of doing work that you love that also pays the bills.  My dream job is not going to be found in any newspaper or on Monster.  It will have to be crafted with hard work and a hefty sum of funds to start – where they would come from is unknown but… prayer does bring miracles, especially when it’s for a good cause.

This is something I’ve been half-heartedly plotting for years – half-heartedly due to not knowing where or how to acquire the funds to start and run it all.  I started by listing three of my main interests that I would love to make my life’s work: animal rescue, social work and a bed and breakfast.  In combining these things, I came up with an idea: An unwanted horse rescue which would be run on a ranch. As part of a ranch, there would be housing. That housing could be used as a battered women’s shelter.  The name: Renewal Ranch.  The organization’s “icon” would be a simple sunrise, signifying each day bringing new light. Something like…


…Without the green screen of course 🙂

Horses are taken in to be cared for. Women are taken in to be cared for. In return for their shelter, the women would get to connect with nature and the horses by helping to care for them.  Both the women and the horses would be safe, sheltered, fed and helped to recover from abuse, neglect and un-want. The joy to me would be in helping everyone involved, give the women a purpose and the horses a second chance. The positive energy would come full circle as the women rehabilitate the horses and the horses help rehabilitate the women. I’m giving myself 9 years to find a way to acquire the funds for this project because I would like to “retire” from the corporate world at 50 and spend the last half of my life (yes, I plan on being around until at least 100!) doing good for some of those most in need.  My dream job – a labour of love.

Daily Prompt Writing: The Nomadic Life

From the Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?”

This has always been a bit of a dream of mine, to live just to live, to enjoy experiences in life that aren’t possible within the constraints of a lease, a day job, shared custody and other limiting factors.  For a 40 year old who treasures new sights and experiences, meeting different people, photographing different areas and being immersed in different cultures, it must be said that I have gotten very few opportunities in life to do any of this.  The extent of my travels has been through the Carolinas, The Bahamas and Mexico.  All instances were limited by time and money and only left me wanting more.  To live as a nomad would still require some sort of stability – ironic, I know.  This means I would not want to live as a beggar but rather be able to earn a little money no matter where I went in order to remain self-sufficient (and fed!).  More than likely, I would take on some kind of art or craft and sell my talents at various events and festivals across the country, throughout the year. Part of those crafts could be hand-penned original inspirational poetry on parchment, ready to frame in someone’s study or bedroom.  Ideally, I would have a small RV in which I could keep my scant belongings and a bicycle to use for travel throughout the area of the moment.  I would of course need to remain tech savvy – Internet access would be vital as it is to nearly everyone today.  I would likely gather information on upcoming events and places to go from the web in order to keep short-term plans in order.  This would allow me to remain a wanderlust but one who would not be caught off guard by not having a place to park, sleep or sell crafts.  I wouldn’t say that there would be no “home base.”  I would have my RV – wherever it took me would be home.  The whole of the continental USA would be my home!  The beautiful thing about the Internet is that it brings people together no matter where they are, so losing touch with family and friends would not be an issue.  It would be a simple life, free of undue clutter, free of the feeling of being cooped up and held captive by societal constraints.  As a Sagittarius, this sort of nomadic life would be what my soul has always craved.  I am determined to one day see this to fruition.

I have issues… (People PC, Vonage)

So now that my phone and internet is hooked up in the new place, I start calling around to cancel my services at the old place.

Nightmare #1: Vonage. Decided to call them on my 15 minute break at work today — big mistake (however not as big as signing up with them in the first place). The woman on the phone was speaking so fast in such a heavy Spanish accent that I couldn’t understand 80% of what she was saying.  The majority of it however was some kind of pitch as to why I should keep their service, move it with me, yada yada.  I’m like lady, I’m on break, I don’t have a lot of time, I’m just calling to cancel.  On and on she went and finally I told her look, I have to go, just cancel the service! Come home to find a $30+ cancellation fee AND another $50 debit to my checking account for a modem rebate!  Oh I was furious.  They won’t do anything about it, citing some “fine print” in some contract that I’ve never seen.  The bank will only give me a temporary credit.  They won’t take the modem back.  I’ve got to find some way to get my $50 back from these thieves.

Nightmare #2: People PC.  Another one trying to steal money from me, this time to the tune of $149!  When I called to cancel that service (because I now have my phone and internet all under one company instead of one for the DSL line, one for the home phone, and one for the net), they tried telling me that it would cost me $149 to cancel my People PC Internet service.  Excuse me?  I demanded a supervisor who told me “there is nothing I can do about the fee, as soon as we terminate the account, $149 will automatically be billed to your debit card.”  Ok, wrong answer, but at least now I knew what I had to do and that involved canceling the debit card that I’ve had for over a decade and knew by heart, and getting a new number issued.  Now when I call to say – CANCEL – I will be one ahead on them.  Sure, go ahead, bill me, but it’s without my authorization.  I checked the People PC website, and they say any cancellations within 1 year of new service are subject to this fee.  Alright, I’ve had DSL with them for 2 1/2 years now. Let ’em try it.

Protected: The Stress Of Downgrading

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