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Enough Nature!

As if the black widow in my flower pot the other weekend wasn’t bad enough… (hairspray and a lighter fixed that one…)

Alright so… Sunday, Alyn and I are out swimming in the Intracoastal. It’s coming up on dusk, lots of schools of fish are out feeding (and being fed upon)… i’m about waist-deep in the water but sunk down to my shoulders just relaxing… along comes a SWARM (not a school, a swarm!) of fish (the surface of the water was rolling) and they start nipping at me so I jump up only to feel something having a hissyfit in my bathing suit top! Yanked my top down (lucky Alyn) – a frikken fish propels itself out and takes off to go find his buddies. I said, “Ok! That’s enough nature for me!” and [quickly] made my way to shore squashing I don’t know how many crabs and sea slugs and God only knows what else under my feet on my way in because at that point I just didn’t care about looking where I was going.


Today after a very busy day at work and a NASTY virus hit that caused me to have to stay a couple hours late, by the time I got home all I wanted to do was put my feet up and RE-LAX. The sunset was getting pretty after a storm began to dissipate, so I took my book of crosswords outside and went to settle into my favourite porch chair. No sooner did I sit than I was swarmed by freakin’ wasps. I – BOLTED down my driveway, goosebumps head to toe, and waited for them to disburse. They didn’t. I managed to get a look at what they were concentrating on and there was a damned wasp nest attached to the underside back of my chair!!!

So I’m out in my driveway, completely befuddled and freaked out, BAREFOOT, my phone inside, very angry wasps swarming my front porch (and of course the front door was the only one unlocked) – and my only weapon was a crossword puzzle book. Yeh – time to die.

I tried for about 20 minutes to time a mad dash for the front door but they just kept circling and getting angrier. Finally, I walked over to Tracy’s apartment and after hiding my head in shame asked if they might have any wasp spray. NOPE. Todd thought it would be a good idea to go spray them down with the hose, so he did. The result? A hive of WET, pissed off wasps. After while, a flyswatter was acquired and Tracy covered me, managing to maim a couple of them while I dashed inside for my keys and whatnot. I ran back out spraying a cloud of Raid and ducked into my car and went straight to the store for a can of wasp killer. I’m inside now… 2 hours later… and luckily none got inside! Oh, and she was nice and gave me dinner again 🙂


PerBlog November 6, 2010

Perblog November 6, 2010

Well I have had a pretty chaotic past couple weekends. Last

Friday, Andy flaked out again and disappeared. Again. He’s

not mentally stable, he’s a pathological liar, and he just

wasted the last year and a half of my life. I hope his guilt

kills him, out there all alone in life. It was his fuckup.

I forgave the first two. The boy just didn’t learn. I have

never been so disappointed in anyone or seen such a huge

culmination of failings in anyone else in my life. I guess

that’s what I get for being patient and having faith.

The next morning, Joe and I started talking about dating and

relationships – all day – and he came over for Halloween.

What an awesome night (except that Kari was wired on Hallowen

candy and wouldn’t go to bed and leave us *alone*…) Things

have been developing more as we talked all week and we’re

gonna give it a try.

He came over again last night and… well I lasted til 5 a.m.

LOL… We had planned to go to breakfast today but ended up

sleeping in til after 12:30 – the Farmer’s Market was already

packed up and gone for the day. So, we ended up going to

Uncle Carlo’s for lunch and took it over to the sea wall

where we ate on the water and spent some really nice time

together. We got back to the house and he had to get back

home for a family thing, but… had to go another round lol

and ended up back in bed making him even *more* late getting


So yeh… I’m seeing someone. He doesn’t know what he wants and IDK where it’ll go but, he calls me every night, he shows up when he says he will, wants to keep seeing me, misses me when he doesn’t and… well it’s the most normalcy I’ve had in many years.