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Of all the people…

So Andy and I are playing Runescape last night and a little before 1 a.m., WHO should happen to log on but one of the most pathetic of all my exes… The conversation went like this:

Griffith4 has logged in.
Jylsamynne: Enjoying my laptop?
Griffith4 has logged out.

What a loser. Still not man enough after all these years to face the music of stealing my laptop, all my camping gear, THE CAR and numerous other items, like my leather jacket (thank you, Anhkah, for returning that). I wonder which poor bitch he’s found this time to provide his life for him? Whoever you are, wherever you are, trust me girl, and the rest of the long line of women he’s used and abused — it won’t last. Get rid of him while you can, and mind you’re there when he leaves. He likes to sneak out while you’re gone and take your shit with him!

Done venting. I love you Andy, thank you for being there with me 🙂

Do You Know These People?

I realize the randomness of this post is pretty… RANDOM in its disbursal however, I have run out of ideas in attempting to track these people down. Two are people who I grew up with and haven’t seen since college (or before), and one — well, he stole my laptop among other things.

Mark Alexander Stanton — Mark “The Shark” and I went to high school together at Fort Lauderdale Prep School in Fort Lauderdale and he was my first real love. We were inseparable as friends but lost touch in the early 90’s. The last I knew, he was DJ’ing and living off Oakland Park Blvd. He would be 34 years old now, I think. He also had a close friend named Frank Prater who might still know how to contact him.

Shawn Maloney aka Shawn Jeffrey Renshaw — Shawn was the love of my LIFE, we literally grew up together as I met him in elementary school in Fort Lauderdale and he was like my brother up through his first couple years in the Navy, after which he came home once, we spent some precious time together, and then he was off again and we lost touch. His mom’s name is Linda, and his sister and brother are Erin (Erianne) and Wayne. Shawn if you’re *anywhere* gods I want you back in my life. You’re the closest thing to a brother I ever had and I miss you and have never stopped looking for you.

Lastly — Daniel Raye Stretch — We met in a now defunct Circle based in Naples, FL in 2004 and in 2005 he moved to Florida from Kentucky running away from a mess he’d gotten into and came to live with me after my divorce. In 2006, we were handfasted (married to you non-pagans) and in March of 2008, he took off with the car (a light slate blue 06 Chevy Cobalt), my LAPTOP COMPUTER (an Acer Aspire with a red dragon skin on it, running Vista) and all my camping gear. From what several of his girlfriends told me (yes, he cheated a LOT), he ran off to Minnesota (Roseville/St. Paul area) to shack up with a woman named Monica (Anhkah Destiny on Second Life) and has been using a few aliases. He is also hiding from $23k in child support from his previous 4 children in Michigan. I don’t give a shit about him — I just want my stuff back – including my camping gear (all of it) but especially the computer. That computer wasn’t cheap.

UPDATE 9/30/2008:  After leaving St. Paul, I learned that Dan Stretch went back to Kentucky and stayed with his aunt Darlene in Nicholasville, KY.  Through a conversation with her, I learned that she had also had enough of his bullshit and threw him out around the end of July.  Her vocal reaction to hearing his name told me that she, also, was happy to see him go.  Now he is on the run again and could be in either KY or MI (Britain area).  If you know where he is, or if you are hiding him – I WANT MY BELONGINGS BACK.  Financial restitution of $1500 will suffice for items stolen, but that computer has my personal things on it.

If you know or can help me get in touch with any of these people, especially Mark or Shawn, I would be eternally grateful if you would message me and let me know. I’ve been trying to get back in touch with them forever.