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Taking Back The Quiet

Good Sunday morning to you all ­čÖé

Never underestimate the rejuvenating benefits of just sleeping in. ┬áLooking for a full time job has been a full time job in itself, as has been catching up on housework (starting my Spring Cleaning early while I have the time). ┬áSo this morning I wanted a break and didn’t turn my alarm on, just woke up when the body wanted to. ┬áFed the fur-kids, played out back with the dog a bit, made myself a little breakfast and took my oatmeal, coffee and Kindle out to the front porch to just read the news and relax at my own pace. ┬áCame back in, washed the breakfast dishes and lit some incense to settle in at Ol’ Reliable (my 10-year old dinosaur of a computer) to just… write ­čÖé ┬á

Unfortunely, sleeping in did mean that I missed a very early message from a friend inviting me to breakfast (Sorry Alyn!) but I’m hoping I can see him later today since thanks to a foot injury (I’m a clutz), I ended up missing out on the reef volunteer work yesterday. ┬áThe poor foot is still quite swollen and red and there isn’t a whole lot of movement in the outer toes. ┬áThat happens when you somehow dislocate a toe.. then drop the edge of a desk on it that you’re relocating to a different room, THEN end up inadvertently kicking the corner of the bed that you’re balancing to make. ┬áTellin’ ya.. I need to start wearing steel-toed shoes wherever I go. ┬áThis foot has exactly three days to heal up proper though – at least enough for me to get decent shoes on – as I have two interviews coming up this week Wednesday and Thursday. ┬áFlip flops or fluffy slippers are NOT a viable option! ┬á(Actually, even the flip flops hurt at this point.)

So that’s my morning, as boring as it is. ┬áThe dog snoring under my desk chair has the right idea. ┬áBut you know… sometimes “boring” is a good thing. ┬áNo drama, no rushing… yes please ­čÖé