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Evo-Creationism (Or “When Good Threads Go Bad”)

So I’m just going to drop this thread straight into this blog post – it’s too entertaining to edit (save for removing some names to protect privacy).  In a nutshell, I watched the videos of the meteorite exploding over Russia this morning and immediately thought of North Korea’s nuclear threats because it literally looked – and sounded – like a bomb going off when the meteor broke up upon atmospheric entry.  So I made a quick quip onto my Facebook wall.  Then a friend of mine – well, an ex-friend now apparently – decided to add his own twist to my words a few responses in and that sparked a huge debate over God vs Science.  Actually, it wasn’t much of a debate.  Once I dug my heels in, he went and un-friended me.  That’s fine.  It was like trying to explain to Schrödinger’s cat directly why it was dead.

North Korea got nothin’ on that Russian meteorite…
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  • GRB Imagine if it landed in YOUR city.
  • Heather Noel It would be a welcome wipe-out.
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  • Heather Noel I think God just needs to get rid of this world and start over. Again.
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  • GRB It’s easier to blame a higher being instead of doing ones best to be better people.

    Also, I’m not sure what this discussion is involving into.
  • Heather Noel Well, no blame was mentioned by me so I’m not sure you’re following the discussion.
  • GRB Hey, you’re the one who started to get all apocalyptic here.
  • Heather Noel Wasn’t anything remotely about “blaming a higher power” though.
  • GRB “I think God just needs to get rid of this world and start over. Again.” ?
  • Heather Noel What about it?
  • Heather Noel Do I need to post the story of Noah and the great flood?
  • Heather Noel God got tired of the world, wiped it out and started over. That isn’t “blame,” that’s Bible.
  • Heather Noel Just saying, we could use another clean slate.
  • GRB Yeah, cause, y’know, that happened.
  • Heather Noel Yeah, cause, y’know, there is hard geological evidence that it did.
  • GRB And a man built a giant boat with hundreds of animals inside of it.
  • Heather Noel There are at least 18 occurrences of evidence of either massive flooding and erosion, extremely rapid layering of strata, or direct evidence of a Worldwide Flood. Such evidences are found in numerous places on virtually every Continent. Reference: And if you want to get into a “discussion” about the translation of time as pertains to Creation vs Science as it pertains here, I offer 2 Peter 3:8 “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” and Psalm 90:4 “For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.”
  • Heather Noel God and Science DO coincide. It’s just that most of us little glorified apes lack the mental capacity to make the comparisons in conjunction with thousands of retranslations of the original works put to scroll in an attempt to try to correlate something we then had no way of understanding to the research that we do have the ability to do now to get a real, scientific understanding of what was written so long ago.
  • Heather Noel So let’s do the math, we have Creationist theory that man (as we know him) was created only 6,000 years ago, yet the Bible gives us a ratio of 1000:1, so if we take that 6000 Creational years time the 1000 represented years there’s 6,000,000 years and what? First human ancestor walks upright:  Now let’s take that biblical day:year ratio of 1:1000. Using God’s logic…1=1000. Let’s go out on a limb and say the earth is biblically 10,000 yrs old. That would be 3,650,000 days. 3,650,000 X 1000=3.65 billion years. Pretty darned close to that of which science is presently aware and can measure.

    A shape comparison of the most complete fossil femur (thigh bone) of one of the …See More
  • Heather Noel LOL He actually un-friended me for standing my ground. Weak.
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  • Heather Noel Sad part is I was defending his scientific viewpoint as well as my own religious viewpoint… oh well. Small minds.
  • BB what a jerk, they expect you to understand their atheistic and scientific beliefs but whoa nelly if you pull the God card lol. i agree hun. i’m a Christian-esque person myself and believe god should start over. if you’re another religion, your god should start over and if you atheist, then the earth needs to start over  just wish we didn’t have to worry about your little girl and my niece.
  • Heather Noel Thing with me is, I pull the God card and the Science card in the same debate and show how they work together and then people REALLY go “whoa!” …Annnnnnnd usually just run away like that. Why are we so afraid of different theories?
  • Heather Noel Oh wait – I remember now: The quest for knowledge is what got Eve in trouble and cursed all of humankind forever.
    Fun Stuff.

Before I Am Persecuted…

After a… disconcerting discussion last night (until it was made clear that I was actually defended), I tried and tried to find anything about myself that would equate my Pagan belief structure with those things dark and negative. The truth is, I couldn’t find anything dark within me.

I cannot call what I believe in/follow a ‘religion’. To me, a religion is defined as a set of hard and fast rules to be followed in the praise of a higher being. Mine is more defined as a “path.” It winds this way and that through a vast wood, avoiding obstacles as it winds up a mountainside, becoming clearer and freer the longer I stay to it. In the day it is warm and sunlit, speckled with Light. In the dark of night, a blanket of stars prove that there is life beyond.

My path is strongly Druidic, that is to say, based in Nature and the Human Spirit, as well as those of the animals, the plants, even the sea, the earth, the stone… you may call it animism. I hold a high reverence for Nature and for all living things. I hold a high reverence for the deceased, as spirits that walk among us, below and above is, even more so those who have risen in consciousness to become the Spirit Guides, Teachers, and Angels who walk with me. My code of morality can be defined in two words: “Harm None.”

I am not a “witch.” I am most definitely NOT a satanist. I engage in no dark or evil work or deeds. I am an energy worker, a healer. I have the ability to touch and manipulate ever so subtly the energies around me. I have the ability to counsel, and more often than not in doing so, it is the words of my Spirit Guides that speak through me. The Archangel Michael is my strongest protector.

I put others before myself, and truly believe I was brought here in this time to teach and to serve. My energy work often requires that my spirit be in touch with – and even within – the spiritual world – other planes. I do not believe in the use of drugs – I want NO chemicals in my body – and I do not use any outside influence to obtain trance states for my astral work. For this a mind and body must be pure. An impure conscience produces impure deeds. I have seen the beauties and the truths which lie beyond what narrow minds can conceive, and I refuse to limit my thinking and my experience to what one person or group says is “right” or “the only way.”

I do believe in God, but perhaps not in the same way that you do. I define God as The Source – that source of energy from which all things were created. And like a diamond, like every human being, that God or Source has many facets, each reflecting a different beam of light, a different side of personality, each known by a different name… God, Allah, Mohamed, Gaia, Isis, Thor, Zeus, Shiva, Pan… all of them… all the faces, all the names, each a different understanding, a different translation from a different race or tribe or clan. We will define our gods in the way that makes them the most relatable and comprehensible to us, as human beings, as we all learn and understand differently – and this is what we will follow. There is no “right or wrong” way – each way is the right way – for that individual who has found *their* way to understanding the higher power that guides them.

THIS… is what I believe. This is what I am. Persecute me, prejudge me if you will – but my spirit will not be shaken, and I will remain a good person.