Perblog, Jan 10, 2011

It was rough getting back into work-mode after being off for winter break, being on my own schedule, actually taking real time for myself and my needs for the first time in a year, but I managed to catch up on time. Come tomorrow, I have another big project to start on and I can’t make it in early to do it since my daughter’s school changed their drop-off time to 8:10. I barely make it to work by 9 now, and I need to start at 8. Sighs…

Friday night was great, at least. After work, we went straight to the mall, had dinner and milled around for a couple hours, then went up to the downtown area for the festival. Had a great time there as well, lots of great music and energy, actually had ME dancing lol… little bit was dancing circles around me of course, the girl is nothing but energy. But she had a blast and that’s what matters most. Never mind how tired I was when we finally got home lol…

Saturday and Sunday, aside from Alyn visiting and my making awesome cupcakes that were a big hit, was all cleaning though. Deep cleaning. I am wiped out. But – at least it’s done. Seems the weekend went too fast. The coming week will be heavy concentration on work and lots of hours, and hopefully I’ll get to hang out with Dan a couple times. He is definitely a happy point in my life. Just can’t be stressed out around him, it’s impossible, he’s awesome.

I need to find a sketch book with nice, heavy paper that can hold watercolours without warping – I’ve got some ideas I’d like to work on soon. Hopefully between brain and brush, I can make them happen. That’s always been my problem – the translation. What comes out on paper is usually never what I’d pictured. Same with my writing. It’s like it just happens without me, does what it wants. How do I fix that?


About lifeinpawprints

I'm a 40-something single mom blogging from the East Coast of Florida, trying to have faith in a world that has not been so kind. Always searching for a creative outlet, be it blogging, photography or crafting things from god-knows-what.

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