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Firstly, I’d just like to put out there a query on the odd search terms people (primarily from Facebook) are searching to get links to my WordPress posts… “madame zora” and “ass” are the two most recurring search terms… *why???* I didn’t think that chat was necessarily *that* interesting LOL… it’s quite old too. Ah well, people are strange.

I would also like to share a couple of my recent photographs, one of the Jetty on Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce, where I’ve left only the water spray in focus to draw attention to it, and a beautiful intentional soft focus of one of my cats napping on the kitchen table. These are framed on display in Second Life at: Cats Eye Design – the rest of the Gallery is upstairs for 3-D interests.
















Both were taken with a Samsung Freeform phone on the fly, with the focal points and colour enhancements edited in TiltShiftGen for iPod Touch. I’m currently using the free version of this app, as the only real addition in paying for it is in the image size/quality. The free version works just fine for creating images for sharing on the web and framing for sale in SL.

At home, I’ve been doing Second-Spring cleaning (we don’t really have a true Autumn this far south – the bees are all abuzz, the lovebugs are back, the birds are showing off, the flowers are back in bloom… it is by all indication essentially a second-spring). This has proven a slow process however as I’m trying to do this while a week into suffering from asthmatic bronchitis (I get it every year about this time), which started with a head cold last weekend. I’ve no doubt I caught it from my daughter when hers was so bad she lost her voice for a couple days. I’ve stayed vigilant though, doing what I can to keep this from being a month-long struggle to breathe as it usually is. At the first sign of the cold, I began downing orange juice and taking multivitamins (which I admit I should be taking every day anyway, I’m just horrible at swallowing pills). It moved to my throat on the 2nd and 3rd day, making me completely lose my voice (and miss a day of work) during which I was also wracked with fever and chills. Day 3 and 4, as I dreaded, it moved to my chest. I spent several days having to do breathing treatments morning and night, but aniseed tea along with TheraFlu (nasty, nasty stuff) and Sudafed Cold & Cough has kept me mostly clear, save for a few scattered violent coughing fits. I haven’t had to use the nebulizer since Friday morning. Andy was a dear and lit a candle for me, eagerly doing a small healing ritual. His mind is beautifully open to such things, and I believe the intent and concern did have a positive effect. It was after his actions that I stopped needing the nebulizer.

Other than the bronchitis now, the good news is that I am down 25 pounds since July — success!!! Only 75 more to go *cries* Yes – I had a weight loss goal of 100 pounds (but would settle for 80 total). It’s been hard. My ability to exercise is very limited by physical issues (scoliosis & unrelieved sciatica, along with heart/circulation problems that I’ve had since childhood), so much of it has to come by diet and nutrition. The asthma never stopped me from being active, but the corticosteroids in the medications I have to take for it (and have since I was 2 years old) make it *very* difficult to lose weight or stay at a healthy weight. It’s a constant battle of yo-yo dieting and self-loathing over an obesity that I really *haven’t* been able to combat.

At work, big changes have taken place which unfortunately I can’t share, but I am still there and still marching forward. It’s been a few very difficult weeks with the shift of workflow but I am starting to bounce back. I need to make a good cushion for myself for the upcoming months, as the Xmas season is usually quite dry.

I will give one observation on a wider perspective though – it is harrowing to see the volume of small- to medium-sized businesses still folding under bankruptcy, especially in a recession that is supposed to be beginning recovery. In talking with these business owners, the wave of companies folding now seem primarily to be the ones who tried to hold out through the economic crisis but have been unable to recover as creditors are still a little too tight in trying to make up for their own losses during the first major round of fallout in 08/09. Even on the consumer end, even those of us lucky enough to have avoided becoming an unemployment statistic, the pinch is still being felt to the very bottom of the chain as we are forced to cope with or find ways around the higher prices found everywhere from the gas pump to the grocery store. This may be bold, and I am *no* financial analyst, but I sense a sizable bout of inflation just around the corner. The entire economy has been reworked, with no single cause, only one epic failure, and this will be one way the consumer is forced to help get the surviving businesses back on the road to growth. Why? Because when they can’t do it for themselves, it’s always easier to bully the little guy into doing it for them.

Just my opinion 🙂

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I'm a 40-something single mom blogging from the East Coast of Florida, trying to have faith in a world that has not been so kind. Always searching for a creative outlet, be it blogging, photography or crafting things from god-knows-what.

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