Come down with a Bug

The slowly building clouds are giving off a strange pale pink-orange light this afternoon. I’m sure it’s to do with a bad day for air pollution, which would also partially explain the condition of my breathing as of late. Top that off with my summer flu and I’m a mess. I still came into work today, no choice in the matter really even though I was up til nearly 4 a.m. losing everything I’d eaten this weekend. My ribcage feels as I’ve been in a fight – and lost. I feel drained and plan on going straight home to bed. Andy will wait to open his birthday presents, he’s not as impatient as I am. I just want to be conscious for it :). after his having 4 desserts shoved at him las night, I’m glad I didn’t get him any sweets šŸ™‚

I’d gotten a new book Saturday morning, “Her Fearful Symmetry.”. Ended up finishing the entire thing in just 2 1/2 days, it was that good. Then again, I absolutely will devour a good ghost story, especially when the tale is accurate to the afterlife. Doubtless I’ll end up reading it again at some point. Meanwhile I’ve gone back to struggling through the arrogance of “The 2012 Story.”. It’s been no more than a collection of insults (critique would have been fine) to the works and theories of other Mayan historians, linguists, scientists and the like while the author boldly asserts that his findings are the only true and correct findings all throughout the work. I just want the facts and the philosophy generated by them, not the self-substantiating diatribe that’s poured on and on throughout the book. It’s very disappointing when the author’s own arrogance is the flesh of the book.

He is also overly wordy which only serves to heighten the frustration in trying to get through the muck and into the meat. Filling in space with unnecessary babble, repeating one’s self constantly – it’s not necessary and take away from the point. It wastes time and space, an diverts attention from the main objective. “As I mentioned before…” “To reiterate…”. We hear you the first time, no need to spread your opinion like fertilizer over such a broad area. Please, keep it contained to one occasion.

Anyway, I feel like dirt. Fever creeping back.


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I'm a 40-something single mom blogging from the East Coast of Florida, trying to have faith in a world that has not been so kind. Always searching for a creative outlet, be it blogging, photography or crafting things from god-knows-what.

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