I Knew She’d Get Me Sick…

Just bitching here… daughter came home sick on Friday… fever, cough, nastynose… for days I was having to get after her for coughing and sneezing on me, *spraying* me with spittle and germs… she knows better… she wanted to be rude… and now I am sick as a dog with a cold that’s gone straight to my chest, giving me asthma problems… I told her… use a tissue… cover your mouth… turn your head… I told her if I got sick it would be very bad… and now it is… it’s like she did it purposely… she would laugh when she sprayed her sneezes all over me, right in my face, it was disgusting… what the hell is wrong with her???

About lifeinpawprints

I'm a 40-something single mom blogging from the East Coast of Florida, trying to have faith in a world that has not been so kind. Always searching for a creative outlet, be it blogging, photography or crafting things from god-knows-what.

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