A Walk In The Park

Sometimes, life gets so crazy that we forget to stop and take time to appreciate the less chaotic things, those things we used to make priority as children (at least, I did), those things that used to relax us and make us happy.

My sweetheart and I went to meet a friend for our usual Saturday morning breakfast at the weekly market where we have an array of yummies to choose from… fresh breads, muffins, fruit, full breakfasts, smoothies, really good coffee… then we head over to the sea wall to eat, watch the fish and pelicans and feed the seagulls who at times will be brave enough to take bits of croissant out of your hand. We walked the market, picking up a fresh loaf of cheddar bread, some spinach and feta stuffed croissants for lunch later, then headed over to the artisan’s side and picked up a new lotion from one of the herbalists (chamomile and sage, it smells so yummy!), and a couple new pieces for our gem/mineral collection that caught our eye.

Along The Seawall

The Crunch of Tourist Season

Stopping to do laundry was a must, but afterwards we headed down to a wildlife preserve where we took about a mile-each-way hike out to a tower that overlooks the savannas. It’s a beautiful slow-moving blackwater river with areas of savanna, marsh and pine flats. We walked out to the end of a peninsula where we lunched on our croissants and did a little bit of energy work, just grounding and reconnecting with nature. I sat with my back against an old pine tree that seemed to remember me from times before, as I’ve been coming to this spot for several years now. The whole of the place, though drastically clear-cut in areas, still felt very welcoming.

Huddled Out Of The Wind

Subtropical Savannas

Exploring the Blackwater

We then doubled back a short distance to the tower to get a wider look at the landscape which was still feeling the cold and working on recovering from the recent ice-over we had. The wind atop the overlook was frigid and blowing hard, so Dylan wrapped his long coat around me while I hid my face in it to warm my nose a bit.

It Was Cold On The Tower

While it was too cold yet to see alligators, turtles and otters, and most of our wading birds like the great blue heron are further south yet, on the way back out, we took a little different path and we did get to walk with a pair of sandhill cranes. We spent about 20 minutes with them before they moved on to another spot and it was fun to pick up on the differing personalities of the two. The larger one, who you would think would be the more dominant and forward bird was the shier of the two, becoming startled at a bird that rushed up out of the tall grasses as they approached it, while the smaller crane just continued about its business poking around for baby grasshoppers and other small insects.

Walking With Sandhill Cranes

Two New Friends

After that long walk, we both came home and collapsed as we’d been out running around for 10 hours straight by then – a long time of walking for two people who have chronic back, knee and foot problems between us. It was worth it though to have some together-time out away from the buzz of everything we’ve been dealing with. Spiritual health is just as important as physical health and, joint pain notwithstanding, I think we addressed both quite well today.

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I'm a 40-something single mom blogging from the East Coast of Florida, trying to have faith in a world that has not been so kind. Always searching for a creative outlet, be it blogging, photography or crafting things from god-knows-what.

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