In Brief

Still here, still alive, exhausted as hell and fighting a cold of some sort… hasn’t quite hit me yet but I feel the body kicking in to try and kill it off…

Friday – BAD blowout on the way home from littlebit’s school… the 5th tire that has had a problem on my car since I got it a few months ago.  Ended up in a muddy median in the rain, rush hour on Friday, damn near got hit several times before a traffic volunteer finally showed up and shoved it the rest of the way off the road til AAA could get there… AAA couldn’t get a jack under the car the traditional way to the guy physically had to lift the front of the car enough for me to kick the jack under, then pull out a hydraulic lift to push it up enough to get it in the right spot… tire came off the rim, it was nasty.  I have narrowed the issue down to the dealership cheaply purchasing QC Fail tires from the makers (Goodyear AND Firestone), and passing them off as good tires at full price.  Drove home on an old donut that is already past its prime.

Saturday – Dylan gets in a HUGE blowout with his parents that goes on for hours… and I’m in the middle of it because he needed me there.

Sunday – Littlebit is showing off to Nathan and his brother (neighbor kids) and lands herself in an ant pile — those black ants that not only bite but leave pus-filled blisters painfully all over you.  She doesn’t realize she’s in an ant hill (nor do I) until they all start biting her at once and she ends up covered from the thighs down.  A day of much benedryl and ice packing later, she finally told me they didn’t hurt anymore and she was back to herself. Later that night, knowing that I had an appointment for the tire issue early Monday morning and not sure if I would be able to get littlebit to school in time, I tried getting a hold of her father to come pick her up that night so he could bring her to school in the morning since he’s 5 minutes from it, and I’m an hour from it — no response.  So, I finally got a hold of her evil stepmother who proceeded to argue with me over time-and-place until 9:00 at night when littlebit would have normally been in her bath.  Finally she told me to meet her at a certain place “ASAP!” and so I got her things together and we left.  45 minutes of sitting in a dark parking lot with no one around, and with NO answer via phone or text, I finally gave up, telling her I was not going to keep my daughter up and out this late and the least she could have done was SHOW UP.  This is not the first time this has happened.  Her father has told me to take littlebit to his house instead of to school and then left her knocking on the door for an extended time only to text me 20 minutes later to just take her to school — he told me to take her to his house and he wasn’t even *there* — what a great dad!  So basically all my daughter is learning is that no one on that side of the family can be trusted or counted on.  And they call *me* the “bad parent.”  Ok… sure.  I may not have their money or house or cars but I sure as hell have never left my daughter stranded.  Jackasses.

Monday – Before dawn, littlebit and I arrive at our car appointment to find out the side wall was the problem in the blown tire, and I’m forced to purchase my 5th tire on the car.  Had the tech check the alignment and all the mountings and rims and he said he couldn’t find anything amiss – that I was getting bad tires.
$96.00 later, I managed to still get littlebit to school on time and me to work on time.  Dylan told me on this that I am God.  I said no, I’m better than God.  I am super-mom!  He found that warmly amusing, and that’s why I love him.

Rest of the week has been a blur of lack of sleep and too much “busy-work” at work, without any substantial income-generating work.  My commissions this week are a whole bit $0.00.  This week is going to hurt BAD.

Today however did bring some good news.  My boss overheard me talking about my home computer issues (it’s 5 or 6 years old, bought 3 years ago used and cheap) and told me that he was going to pay for Justin to build me a new computer and set it up in my home.  PLUS — he is giving me a flatscreen monitor.  They are all parts from around the office but WOW — it will be such an upgrade to what I have now, my first thought after OMG THANK YOU?!?!?!? was “I’ll finally be able to SEE SECOND LIFE!!!!”  I tell you, the rezzing issues, the 0.25FPS…. it’s pointless for me to be in a SIM where there is more than just me.  I can’t move, I can’t see, it’s horrible, and the more updates Linden Labs comes out with, the worse it gets.  I finally just gave up and I stay on Beachcomber hanging out with Argos and Chip while Dylan does build for Legato and her gaming area.  I have never been lag-free on SL, I don’t think.  Out at Avaria it isn’t too bad in the wilds, but near the outpost forget it.  Hopefully soon that will change.  I will keep this computer for littlebit, Firewire all my important things over to the new one, and eventually get a router so that way we can both be online at the same time, I can watch her and do my own thing too.  The laptop used to be primarily hers but… well Danny is an asshole and took that computer with all her programs on it.

So that’s that.  Tomorrow night we are going trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, which unfortunately will be only a few blocks because I can’t walk much more than that anymore, but she will have her Neko costume that she wanted so badly.  This weekend will see a lot of chores and concentration on studies.  Monday night, Whitney (my friend of 18 years) is coming up to hang out with me and will probably stay the night because it’s a 2 hour drive between here and home.  It’s ok, I have a futon spare for him but we will more than likely be up most of the night anyway.

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I'm a 40-something single mom blogging from the East Coast of Florida, trying to have faith in a world that has not been so kind. Always searching for a creative outlet, be it blogging, photography or crafting things from god-knows-what.

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