OK Packing/Moving Tips Please….

Packing a two-bedroom apartment that is full to the brim with books and candles and crystals and stones and lots of little breakable things… lots of art supplies too… paints, pastels, charcoals, inks and pens…

Limited number of boxes and bags… SUPER HYPER 6-YEAR OLD…

Tossing out as much as I can, trying to minimize… a lot will be sold on eBay after I’m into the new place and the net is up… no time to do it now.

It’s taken me HOURS just to go thru and clean out just one book case.  Is there ANY way… to make this go quicker… easier…

I’m tackling the living room first, because that’s where the most stuff is… Kidlet’s room is next – goddess help me… I’m going to give HER the assignment of bagging the toys she no longer wants and we will drop them off at the Mustard Seed… at the moment though, she is asking me for a bubble bath saying “It will make my brain un-cursed. It will shut my brain off, and it will pull the curse off of me!”  Um… yikes.  Yeah we don’t work curses around here.  This is a Reiki house.  We do blessings and healings.  She’s creeping me out.

OK bath going… back to moving.  One room at a time… toss everything not needed… any other helpful tips to make this go smoother?


About lifeinpawprints

I'm a 40-something single mom blogging from the East Coast of Florida, trying to have faith in a world that has not been so kind. Always searching for a creative outlet, be it blogging, photography or crafting things from god-knows-what.

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